Vladivostok Film Commission

December 5th, 2017
British Film Company OFF The Fence with the support of Vladivostok Film Commission has arrived to Vladivostok for their first trip among the series of other trips planned throughout the Far East of Russia to film.

Documentary. It will be broadcasted on National Geographic and will showcase the wild and extreme beauty of Russia's Wild Edens.

Russia's incredible wildlife inhabits terrain that extends across 12 time zones; from the tundra region in the far north to the Caucasus Mountains and prairies in the south, including temperate forests, which cover 70% of the country's territory.

This film will have an epic cinematic scope, which will capture the breath taking sceneries, stunning details and rich wildlife that exist throughout Russia.

Featuring iconic wildlife such as Amur tigers, polar bears, Siberian wolves, Golden Eagles and Great Grey owls, filmed in some extreme and hostile locations, including Kamchatka, The Altai Mountains, Lake Baikal, Primorsky Krai, Siberia, and the Arctic.

In each location we strive to peel back the layers and really explore and reveal the exciting lives of the creatures that live at every level of the food chain – from forest undergrowth, to cliffs, to cave systems, plains, and waterways.

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