Vladivostok Film Commission

Genre: Feature
Year: 2014
Country: Russia

Director: Alexey Kozlov
Cast: Alexander Baluev, Alexey Kravchenko, Denis Nikiforov, Alexander Ustyugov, Maria Poroshina
Producers: Alexey Kozlov
Production Studios: ContAct Production

In a small village, located in taiga of the Primorsky Region, lives a hereditary huntsman Pavel Shirokov. Once on his site there was a daring crime: the poachers shot two Ussuri tigers. On the same day, the traffic police pulled over an off-road vehicle. At the request to open the trunk, the passengers reacted aggressively, the shootout began, and all its members were killed. Arrived at the scene of the crime, Colonel Khazov found in the trunk of a car of dead tigers and found out in one of the dead poachers a local hunter-conductor. Khazov is sure that in the coming days criminals will look for a new man who will be able to bring them to the tiger track. He offers Shirokov ahead of poachers and trace the tiger first to prevent the animal be killed. Already in the taiga, having practically tracked down the Ussuri tiger, Shirokov understands that he has fallen into a deadly trap.

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