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May 05th, 2017
The role of Anna Karenina, which actress Gorild Mauseth performed on the stage of the State Theater of Norway and the Primorye Drama Theater named after Gorky in Vladivostok, changed her life. In an interview with TASS, the Norwegian actress described how many years she could not part with the image of Karenina, and about the new film Karenina & I, which this year should be shown at film festivals in Europe and Russia.

Back in 2013, Mauseth, along with her 5-year son and her husband - the Italian director Tommaso Mottola - went on a journey across Russia by Trans-Siberian Railway to better understand her character before appearing in that image before the Russian audience. Mottola at the time filmed a story about the journey and artistic quest for the actress. After the successful premiere of the performance, held in the fall of 2013 at the Gorky Primorye Drama Theater, work on the film was continued for another four years. Mauseth could not part with the image of Karenina, who helped her to better understand not only the plan of Tolstoy, but herself, insisted on the continuation of filming.

"For me it was very strange, usually the character is controlled by the actor, interpreting his image, but this time it turned out that the character began to change my life, my view of things, made me understand a lot in myself"- says Gorild. In search of answers for the questions that tormented Karenina, I had to qeustion them them to myself - to a man of a completely different kind, what makes me commit treason, to break my own life? Very unpleasant questions, but they must be asked if you want to play this role."

Mauseth admits that, having grown akin to Tolstoy's character, she managed to look into her own past, relive the tragic stage of her life and understand the reasons for the decisions that prompted her to choose an acting profession. She became clearer also Tolstoy's ideas and motives for the actions of his heroine. They share their discoveries in their film, that was shot in Italy, Norway and Russia.

Source: TASS Information Agency
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