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May 5th, 2017
Italian director Tommaso Mottola hopes to present to the Russian audience his film about Anna Karenina, where he tries to look at the image of Tolstoy's character through the prism of the perception of the Norwegian actress. In an interview with TASS, Mottola talked about the four-year history of work on his new film Karenina & I, which began with the fact that his wife, the artist of the State Theater of Norway, Gorild Mauseth, was invited to play the role of Karenina in Vladivostok.

Mauseth was going to play a role she was already familiar with, in Russian, together with Mottola decided to go from Norway to Primorye by train, having done part of the way along the Trans-Siberian Railway. On the way she used all the opportunities to get acquainted with the Russian language and culture and, in the words of the director, to find the "roots" of Karenina.

Mottola at the time filmed a film about the journey and artistic quest for the actress. After the successful premiere of the performance, held in the autumn of 2013 at the Gorky Primorye Drama Theater, work on the film continued. Mauseth could not part with the image of Karenina, who helped her better understand not only the plan of Tolstoy, but also herself. As for the actress, and for the director, work on this project has become one of the main challenges in their careers.

"From the documentary about travel of the actress we made a film about a deep immersion in the image, the essence of Anna Karenina.The last detail of the mosaic that made us feel that the theme of the film grew from personal into universal, was the voice of Liam Neeson. He was the one to give voice to the lines from the novel that were selected by Gorild. This film is based on a literature masterpiece, the work of a German playwright, the work of a theater director whose task is to make the play popular and understandable, and the work of actresses, who dedicated "Anna Karenina" 4 years of her life. "

Source: TASS Information Agency

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