Vladivostok Film Commission

September 10th, 2017
On September 9th, 2017 the world premier of the film Buddy has taken place and became an openning film of the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival.

The film was especially awaited here in Vladivostok, because the action of the film takes place in Vladivostok and partly was shot here. Vladivostok pictured here as a real city of dreams with beautiful bridges, sunsets, old streets and modern glass skyscrapers. At the premiere there were no tickets available as they were sold out a week before the show. The film was introduced by lead actress, Lisa Arzamasova.

The story is about unsuccessful special operation that ends up for Major Khromov by moving into the body of a small child. But even becoming a baby, he manages to bring a lot of trouble to a criminal gang in the Far East.

This is the first time in Russian cinema when they have made the full CG of the baby playing the main character, also with the CG specialists living in Vladivostok.

Filming took place in Vladivostok in August 2015. For the car chase scene, traffics were blocked along the central streets of the city: Svetlanskaya and Okeansky Avenue. Large-scale stunt scenes were filmed at the Fishing port of Vladivostok and on the Tsesarevich Park. All the scenes in the hospital were taken in the interiors at the Medical Center of the Far Eastern Federal University at the Russian Island. The film production was organized by the Vladivostok Film Commission

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