Vladivostok Film Commission

mama russia is the new travel reality show shot in primorsky region
May 10th, 2019
The new reality travel show was launched by Russian television channel TV3 and Gazgolder. This is a series of TV episodes, called Mama Russia, which will tell about stunning nature in different regions around our huge country. A well-known hosts will be travelling around, through the most unseen and wild places in Russia. The show is not only to reveal the travel opportunities around our beautiful homeland, but also to speak out in favor of saving the nature and not only to contemplate.

In Primorsky Region the shooting had received support and was organized by Vladivostok Film Commission. The actors Maria Malinovskaya and Danila Vakhrushev became the hosts for the show in this particular region. The release of all the episodes is planned in the fall of 2019 on TV3 channel and the YouTube channel - TO "Gazgolder".

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