Vladivostok Film Commission

The First Make-up Trailer now is available for rent in Vladivostok
September 13th, 2016
Vladivostok Film Commission shares the new Make-up Trailer for film productions made for the long-term project, On the Hood, shot in Vladivostok during one month, probably the longest project for the past 15 years of filmmaking in Vladivosotok.

The make-up staion is compact trailer with two working areas, with good lighting, warm floor, sink and hot water. It has an industirial socket for 220V outside to be power from any generator, and has plenty of regular sockets inside for comfortable work of make-up artists, and storage shelves to keep make-up materials.

To rent the trailer contact our partners:
e-mal: funtinfo@mail.ru ,
phones: +7 905 558 2248, +7 902 555 6590

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