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The new Russian comedy, Buddy, is being shot in Vladivostok
August 1th, 2015
Vladivostok witnessed the first shooting day of the adventure comedy "Buddy". The premiere of the film the about the local Primorsky policeman who got imprisoned in a body of a one-year-old child, is planned for release in the autumn next year.

The Ocean Avenue was periodically blocked. So that, take by take the film crew of the Buddy created a dynamic chase scene: a car with the so-called "car mount", where cameras were fixed, was being followed by two police cars.

The idea of the film, Buddy, as producer Mikhail Vrubel said, was looked up at one of the Petersburg theater performances - "Restart" by Ilya Tilkin, where the plot was based on the "regeneration" of an adult, a hospital patient, into a body of a newborn baby. On this "migration of souls" this story was based: according to the plot of the film, the soul of Major Khromov (featured by Sergei Garmash) falls into the body of a one-year-old child, and the young father of the child will involuntarily have to become his partner. The discrepancy between the age, appearance and positions of the heroes increases the comic and sometimes absurdity of their special operations to detain a Chinese gang that settled in Vladivostok.

"Now we are shooting a scene with the participation of Andrei Nazimov, one of the main characters. Sergei Garmash, Yan Tsapnik, Lisa Arzamasova, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka and other actors are not yet in the city, but very soon will arrive. Also for filming, we involve local artists of theaters and even city residents - for mass scenes. Our ads on social networks have already responded to a huge number of people, which surprised even us, "- shared the executive producer of the film "Buddy" Mikhail Kitaev.

It is worth noting that the shooting process will last a month and a half, meanwhile, as the preparation of innovative graphics for the "relocation" of the protagonist began last year and ahead - as much. The main difficulty here is the transfer of the mimicry of an adult person to the face of a three-dimensional character.

It is noteworthy that the development of technologies for graphics is a native of Vladivostok Sergey Nevshupov, who worked in the New Zealand company of visual effects and animation Weta Digital. On his account, such films as "The Lord of the Rings" by Peter Jackson and "Avatar" by James Cameron. At the moment Sergey lives in Vladivostok and works in the largest in Russia CG studio on creation of special effects.

"We have already done several projects with CGFactory and directly with Sergey. The fact that we will be shooting a film in Vladivostok is a lucky coincidence for us and for him, "says director and producer of the film "Buddy" Alexander Andryuschenko. - We have come to Vladivostok on purpose to depict the oriental flair in our cinema. Personally, I really liked your city. We hope that after our film is released more Russians will come to your city."
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