The corresponding decree was signed by Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky. Now the organizations of cinematography will be compensated at a rate of up to 15% of the budget spent on filming in the Primorsky Territory.

Primorye was the first region in Russia, which introduced a measure of support for the film industry – cash rebate.

Currently, the system works only for the Russian cinematography organizations. In the future, will be able to give cash rebate to foreign film companies.


In February 2016 at a meeting of the Government Council for the development of domestic cinematography social and economic support to the Federal Fund for the national film industry initiated the establishment of Film Commission and introduction of return mechanism of the costs incurred by the organizations of cinematography in the production of films in the territory of the Russian Federation.



For all questions related to the procedure for granting subsidies to organizations of cinematography  you can contact the Department of Culture of Primorsky region.



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