Chinese film company «We Pictures» with support of Vladivostok Film Commission held a shooting episode feature film in the Primorsky Region.

Vladivostok played the role of several towns in the movie «Julie and quiet» by Derek Tsang, the famous director from Hong Kong. Derek found a places in the city, reminding him to Italy, France, Poland and even Argentina. According to the script, the main character played by the popular Chinese actress Sandra Ma, travels in all these countries, translating into practice her youthful dreams.

Filming began in high school number 9 on Pushkin Street, which is famous for its abundance of monuments and special historical flavor. History of the main character continued at the post office on Svetlanskaya, 41 - in a beautiful building built in the late 19th century. The crew of the film visited the central square, the ferry pier, the train station and the tram.

Derek Tsang, director of the film «Julie and quiet»: «Vladivostok is extraordinary city, it has a European and an Asian flavor. That's what we needed. Vladivostok is an excellent platform for Asian filmmakers - here you can shoot to Europe without leaving Asia».

The feature film will be released in 2017 and designed for a broad audience of Chinese viewers.

Thanks to the attention of the international filmmakers beauty of Primorsky Region seen by millions viewers around the world that will undoubtedly contribute to the development of industry in the region and an increase in tourist flow to the region.