Chinese film company "Longjiang" with the support of Vladivostok Film Commission held the extensive filming the movie "International investigation". Director of the film - ZHONG HAI. 

Crew of 80 people arrived for the filming to Vladivostok. Within three weeks of shooting took place in two groups. First group shoot the main actors and the main scenes of the film, the second group made shoot of exteriors. Before filming in Russia the tv-series was shot in the Chinese city Suyfunhe for three months.

The cast of the film includes popular Chinese actors such as Guo Jiaming. The film also attended by Russian actors. One of the main roles played by Young theater actor Alexander Strelkov.

The story takes place in the 2 eras - in 90th years of the last century and now. The task force of Chinese and Russian police is looking for Chinese criminals. Against the background of a detective story develops romantic line - Chinese police officer falls in love with the beautiful Russian girl, employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with which he works.

The shooting took place in the iconic places of the city, such as train station, Marine Station, Arch and Quay Tsarevich, Central Square, FEFU Campus, Bridge across the bay "Golden Horn", Casino in the gambling zone in the Bay of Formic, Tokarevskiy lighthouse and others.