The shooting of 12 series of the film "Belovodie. Mystery of the lost country" were  in Vladivostok from 14 to 18 July.  

The shooting process was unfold in the city streets, bridges, embankments and in the most picturesque places of the suburb.

"Belovodie. Mystery of the lost country"- the continuation of serial film "While fern blossoms". The film crew led by director Eugene Bedarev. The cameraman is Maxim Shinkorenko. Within 5 days of shooting in the frame will fall the most significant places of Vladivostok: Cape and Basargin Lighthouse, Golden Bridge, Sports Quay, Central Square, Vladivostok International Airport . Vladivostok residents were able to participate in the filming of crowd scenes. Apart from Vladivostok authors of the project planned to shoot in Thailand, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Crimea.

Photos from the set.