Asami Mitsuhiko


Japan / 2013/ 


Detective TV series.


Script: Hirokawa Kimiko    

Cinematographer: Sasamura Akira

Ishikawa Yuichi

Kurahara Koremutsu  

Producer: Kanamaru Tetsuya 

Cast: Nakamura Shunsuke 


Shooting were the first came outside of Japan in honor of the 50th anniversary of the TV series. Japanese cruise ship ASUKA 2 has become a major film set where events unfold. 10 September 2013 cruise ship ASUKA 2 reached a port of Vladivostok, where the history of the detective continued. On board the ship arrived more than 50 members of the film crew. Filming took place in Vladivostok at the Passenger Terminal in the port, near the railway station and the species the site near Eagle hill.

shots from the film.







Date of filming:  September 2013

Location: Railway station, Marine Station, quay


Local staff:

Production Manager  Dmitry Shevtsov

Casting Rano Lazareva

Natalia Shakhnazarova


Photos from the set.