Accommodation and meals


Vladivostok is not a lot of hotels. From July to September almost all of them are occupied by tourists. For big movie crew hotel must be booked in advance.

Choosing a hotel we take into account: the distance to the locations, ease of parking for buses and construction equipment, the possibility of granting special hotel rooms for storage of equipment and organization of makeup and wardrobe rooms, the possibility of organizing breakfasts and dinners for the crew.

Various hotels offer discounts from 7 to 50 %, depending on the number and timing of the crew accommodation.

In all the hotels is possible to calculate according to international cards and through the bank.

Food on the set may be organized the preferences of the crew. In Vladivostok there are various types of cuisines: Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Georgia and others.

For organizing dinners or lunches catering is used or meal is delivered in lunch boxes.