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Vladivostok Film Commission

Vladivostok Film Commission is an independent structure which main objective is the promotion of the Primorsky region by means of a movie, and the attraction of international film projects, their organization and support at all stages of production.

Full details of the filming locations, obtaining permits to film the commercial and public facilities, the selection of a local cast and crew, filming equipment rental .

We work on the development of technical facilities and staff training for the implementation of various projects.

Today, Vladivostok Film Commission is a production company too, flutters it’s own film production and co-production with France, Italy, Norway.





     Vladivostok Film Commission is a permanent member of the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet) since 2005. AFCNet brings together film commissions and production companys, engaged in professional assistance in the film industry. AFCNet is the largest Asian non-profit international organization of cinematography, which includeds 50 participating companies from 19 countries. Asian Film Commissions Network was established for cooperation and sharing information about the filming locations, for the promotion of the Asian region in the world, as a platform for the implementation of various projects, from Hollywood blockbusters to music videos and commercials.


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Free Port of Vladivostok

   The simplified visa regime in the territory of the Free Port of Vladivostok should work from 1 July 2017 at the two border points - the international airport and the marine terminal according to the Ministry for the development of the Far East. Foreign citizens entering Russia through the Free Port of Vladivostok will receive electronic visa via the Internet, in addition it will be free.  

You can use the simplified visa regime to come to Vladivostok for location scouting and for shoot if the duration of less than 8 days.

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our services



Marketing of Locations in Far East of  Russian Federation.

Marketing of Local Crew.

Equipment & Expertise.

Scouting Support Services.

Customs, insurance and visa support.

Casting of actors.

Assistance in obtaining permission for filming.